About us

About the firm

Kentaro Mugerwa and Company Advocates is a law firm providing a comprehensive range of legal services designed to meet clients’ needs and expectations. The firm boasts of a wide range of skills and expertise which are leveraged against a range of strong networks across the public and private sector all positioned to provide technically correct advisory that makes business sense.

Our commitment to strategically sound advice requires that our teams and affiliates clearly understand clients’ needs in the context of the broader issues at stake. By balancing these dynamics, and by applying our legal expertise, we provide an effective, appropriate and efficient service, not only to solve the challenges our clients face but more importantly to create opportunities and guarantee sustainable growth for their enterprises.

Our network of expertise extends beyond way beyond our brick and mortar location. We mobilize professionals with the most suited experience to serve clients when and where they need us locally, regionally, and internationally.

Our Values

We believe that through strategic application of resources, relationships and expertise, we are built for the challenges.


We value the challenge presented by each individual assignment; we don’t take anything for granted. The challenges of each assignment provide our team with impetus to innovate, re-invent, and re-engineer ideas which transform not only operations but our clients as well. Applied ingenuity is the impetus of our success.


We have a strong compelling enthusiasm to make a difference. We will expend all efforts to see any given assignment is brought to a smart, logical and successful conclusion. It is the passion, strategically leveraged against the multidisciplinary nature of our teams, which allows us to understand our clients while anticipating their needs and challenges.


We believe in solutions. We take pride in crafting innovative, practical and comprehensive solutions to our clients’ pressing challenges. The rich diversity of our workforce which reflects the clientele we serve, enhances our work environment and the legal solutions we provide to our clients.

The result is a skilled, enthusiastic, energetic and innovative team that sets the firm apart. Superior legal skills and a commitment to integrity, excellence and hard work enable us to frequently exceed our clients’ expectations.