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Korea strengthens taxation on multi-national enterprises in 2017

On July 28, 2016, the Ministry of Strategy and Finance (“MOSF”) announced the annual proposal to amend the tax law for 2017 (the “Proposal”). The Proposal was submitted to the National Assembly on 2 September 2016. The Proposal will strengthen taxation on multi-national enterprises in 2017 including increase in flat tax rate for foreign expatriates, limitation to deduction of carried-over

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New Rules Mean Russians Abroad Subject to Russian Finance Laws

Proposed legislation would see all Russian citizens living abroad classed as “permanent financial residents” and obliged to provide Russia’s Finance Ministry with details of foreign earnings and bank accounts, the RBC news website reported Tuesday. The proposed legislation is outlined in statutory enactments published this week by Russia’s Finance Ministry and would likely affect more than two million citizens. Kremlin

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Should Bankruptcy Stop You from Getting a Personal Loan

Bankruptcy is not the end of the road in getting a loan. It’s neither a financial slaughter house. The old golden days when one would lose hope and feel miserable after filling a bankruptcy case are gone The new days where one can easily get to rebuild his /her finances, credit, and life have come, although this has always appeared

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How Does International Law Affect Airplane Crash Liability?

Tragically, airplane crashes often result in catastrophic losses. Hundreds of people may die in a single incident. Those lucky enough to survive often suffer from debilitating injuries. When an airplane crash occurs, those affected may consider how to seek compensation for the losses that they have suffered. Airplane crash investigation and liability can often be complex. National Transportation Safety Board

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